ELLE the pit bull

About Elle 

"Tail Wagging Therapist"
Volunteer and Ambassador

Elle is an amazing companion and I am thankful everyday for this little angel in my life!

Elle always understood to be calm around the elderly and children. The day we meet Junior changed our lives forever. We saw him most mornings while out on our walks and normally just waved in passing, but we decided to stop and chat that day and I noticed Elle just sitting there. Not jumping, just sitting and very politely I might add, just waiting, I was shocked! I knew at that moment she was meant for therapy work and I wanted to unlock her potential.

We started taking obedience classes, and Elle was able to make friends with lots of other dogs and people. It was a great way for her to meet new friends under a controlled environment. We trained for about 4 weeks and then took the AKC Canine Good Citizen test and passed. Then it was on to the Therapy Dog test, which we passed and we were recorded as a Pet Therapy Team three months later.

We started working right away volunteering. I hoped Elle could help others in the community and be an ambassador. We routinely visit residents at a retirement community and she has a few favorites that really enjoy seeing her. We also visit kids at the Boys and Girls Club, sometimes they read and other times they learn about how to be safe around dogs.

I created a Therapy Dog Reading Program at the library called "Tail Wagging Tales." The children love reading and Elle loves listening to a good story. Occasionally, we are invited to participate in public events and I am happy to be a part of educating and providing awareness, and this gives Elle a chance to shine.

The local paper did a write up Pit bull visit to lift police spirits. The Police Department had recently made an arrest in a gruesome dogfighting case and the Captain thought Elle could help erase the negative images in the officers' minds.They got a chance to interact with her - a friendly, healthy, happy pit bull - and she got to meet and play with the Police Chief.

Elle helped Dylan, a 6-year old, overcome his fear of dogs!
At the start of Tail Wagging Tales, Dylan was reading to Elle since he was 5 years old. His mom signed him up for our reading program at the library to help him overcome his fear. At first Dylan did not want to be close to her, but after months of developing a friendship, a great thing happened: Dylan overcame his fear and took Elle for a walk!
We were invited to visit Vaughan Elementary School to talk to the children about therapy dogs and dog safety education. The children loved the visit so much they decided to make it a regular visitation inviting us twice a month for reading sessions.

I wanted to network with other passionate pet owners in the community and so Mutt Struts just crossed into my path. We walk on Sundays to help connect other responsible pet owners and get our pets out and socialized. I am hoping to have interest in the CGC and more potential therapy dogs. I would eventually like to have a therapy dog team one day.

Mutt Struts turned in to Roanoke Valley Pack Walks and we met lots of local area friends and dog lovers. We were joined as a group of passionate people to make positive differences in our community. Adoption events, fundraisers, and education programs.

Chaloner Critter Club

Tail Wagging Tales at Chaloner Middle School

After years of volunteering, I find that people are always amazed that Elle is so well behaved and they are shocked to know that a pit bull is a Therapy Dog. Seeing is believing! Meeting her makes people understand that she just wants to be friends.

Thanks to all the people who believed in us and helped along the way!

Elle is on Facebook so stop and say hello.
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